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Creator III
Creator III

help with "at least one" expression in set analysis

Hi all!

Can't give out the real data but let's use a paradigm to describe my question.

The data is like this: An ID can have multiple orders. Each order has an associated field status like (check, recheck, sent), reply (yes, no). However, this ID can appear again in multiple years. So (example):

ID status  Year  statusID    reply

1   check   2019    1             yes

1 recheck 2019   2              yes

1 check     2020    3            no

2  sent    2021   4                yes


 I am trying to count all the IDs that have at least one 'yes' per last status category . I did:

count({<[last reply for check]={'yes'}>+<[last reply for recheck]={'yes'}>+<[last reply for sent]={'yes'}>} distinct [ID])

but for example if i pick ID 1, i want it to calculate 0 , but instead because of this ID has a last reply for recheck with a yes , it will count 1 . There isn't a distinction by the years.   

How to fix this? How to take into account the years?


Back in script i calculated the last result by ID,status and year.


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