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hide zero\null values in map-point layer



I have a model with a map chart that display total sales of a drill down dimension of US State and Zip Codes.

If i dump the data into a table or other chart i can use the "remove null" option to hide zipcodes that i have 0 sales.

But on my map chart, after i drill in to a state, i see all the zipcodes in that state even if there are zero sales.

The "limitation" option is gray out so i can't use it either.

anyone has an idea how i can remove zipcodes that their "sum(qty)" <= 0 ?

(see attached my map with some zipcodes that has no sales, and attached data setting of my map)




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Re: hide zero\null values in map-point layer

an update:

for now i found a workaround using a "left keep" between my sales table and my KML file so i don't bring any zipcode point that doesn't have sale.

but if someone know a different\better way to deal with zero\null values in map, please let me know.