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Contributor III
Contributor III

how to achieve data association for multiple columns from data load editor ?

Dear All,

I had 4 tables called tab1, tab2 , tab3 and tab4

tab1 has columns : customerid, cust_name, cust_age , app_id

tab2 has columns : appname , app_id, app_version

tab3 has coulmns :  customerid, cust_role , device_id

tab4 has columns :  device_type , app_download 

tab5 hs columns :  customerid, cust_address, cust_designation 

Now I want to associate tables / design ER model as below

customerid of Tab1 will associate to customerid of Tab3

app_id of Tab1 will associate to app_id of Tab2

device_id of Tab3 will associate to device_type of Tab4

customerid of Tab1 will associate to customerid of Tab5


If i am loading tables using Data Manager I am able to auto associate and seems fine
but I want to do same thing from data load editor 

Kindly suggest how to achieve same

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check this way, In the Tab3 table rename the field like device_id as device_type

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Contributor III
Contributor III

But to how to associate other keys like customer_id , app_id etc. because by loading from Data load editor it forms synthetic keys .

By doing qualify and unqualify things it does not form any associations .