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Creator II
Creator II

how to display in bar graph who are not in the selection (filter Selection)

select a filter and display the values that do not match the filter selection , 

For example I have a dimension : User Name , and

measure : Count(Distinct If([active_Report]=1,[Name_Report])),

and i am selecting a deptname filter , not it applies the selected filter values(depts users that are using the reports   to the chart. but i want to show the reports that are not used by the selected dept.


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Partner - Master
Partner - Master


Do you have some test data?

For your example you can better use set analysis than IF() statements in a field.

Since I don't have some data to test, I've created a test app with a possible example. Here you have 2 KPI's and corresponding tables. If you make a selection in 1 field, Dim1, we show for one section what is related. And for the other section what's not related. The -= is ensuring you get whatever is not selected.

2023-01-13 16_00_35-Function Profile - Consultant.docx - Word.png

You should be able to use this concept. The app is attached.



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Creator II
Creator II

Thanks for the reply , but some how its not working in my case( 1-$  ) is working fine but it gets applied to all the filters i want it to be applied to only dept dimension is there a way i can achieve this


Count({1-$}Distinct If([active_report]=1,[NameReport]))