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how to export data from Sql Server to Qlik Sense ???


Can you please help me how to do the following :

I have to access to 2 CRM tables on SQL server that contain data about school for example.

First I have to check the tables and come up with a design for QlikSense dashboards that can be done using the data in these tables 

I am now connected to the server, I have in SQL Management Studio opened with sample data of the 2 tables both in the same database.

NOW, how i can export the two tables (Data) from SQL Management Studio (SQL server) to the Qlik Sense

So I can make a dashboard ????

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Creator III
Creator III


One way to do it is

First, go to Data Load editor

Click on "Create New Connection" and select OLEDB

Select Provider for SQL Server

Give the needed details and you should be able to connect to SQL Server DB and should be then able to see the tables you intend to load to QlikSense

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Thanks girirajsinh ;

I tried this method already, but still cannot open the data because the data is on  another server and the Qlik Sense is in my desktop!

I planned to save the data as a result on that server !!!!

Actually, When I tried to save the data as a result , its saved as a query only !

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Thanks sir,

SQL Server is opened  from Remote desktop

not from the desktop !

however, the qlik sense is on the desktop ,,,


If you can reach the SQL Server via Remote Desktop you should be able to reach it over the network via an ODBC-connection too. Make sure you use ODBC and not OLEDB. Microsoft is recommending using ODBC for SQL Server the last few years and not OLEDB.

Master II
Master II

It shouldn't matter if you using desktop or hub. You should be able to connect to db as long as you have correct credentials and using right connection string.

I also work on desktop and able to connect to my Oracle db. So it should work fine.

If it doesn't work try using different provider for SQL other than which you've already tried.