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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

how to format a value?

Good afternoon.
I am trying to display in kpi an integer value in percent. I want to take the days that an employee prepares, but only business days and make an average of their hours worked. Apparently my formula works well but the problem I have is, for example when I filter a month and my values ​​give me: 3465.76%, if I choose another filter for example area: there if it shows me my values ​​in correct percentages: 23.45%. but if I choose a particular employee, the format of my value changes again 3465.76% and I try to apply in the formula / 100 and it removes them and when I filter the month, the percentage is already good, but when I choose the area or an employee my percentage value is shown: 0.23 or 2.34 and I want it to show percentages in integers:
the formula I am applying is this:

(1- (sum ({<Activity - = {'Vacation', 'Illness', 'Holiday'}>} Hours) / 😎 /

(NetWorkDays (min (total <[Date-calendar_date.autoCalendar.Month]> {<[Event: Created by-Visit: Created by] =>} [Date-calendar_date]),

max (total <[Date-calendar_date.autoCalendar.Month]> {<[Event: Created by-Visit: Created by] =>} [Date-calendar_date]))
(Sum ({<Activity = {'Vacation', 'Illness', 'Holiday'}>} Hours) / 😎
The truth is that I no longer know what to apply in my formula since I also chose the option of percentage in formats and not even then does the format respect me, please, someone who can tell me how to solve this.
Thank you so much

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi @JulTorresGar 

Please go through this link

Hope it help you

Thanks and Regards
Mayur Ingale