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how to limit the number of bars in Sense

hi all,

how to show only 10 bars on a bar chart and the rest on scrolling? in QlikView this option is located within the presentation tab>> enable scrolling when values exceed a desired value....

Also how to wrap text on the dimension orientation.. I have too long strings within the dimension and wondering if I can wrap them.. In qlikview we used to do it simillar to what is here on this discussion

wrap text x-axis in bar chart of qlikview

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Re: how to limit the number of bars in Sense

Hi Alec,

Sense will automatically flex depending on the space available and show a mini-chart down the side to allow you to scroll through the data.  The responsive design should mean this always works correctly.

If you want to limit to a number of bars and then put the rest into an other bar (similar to Dimension Limits in QlikView) you can change the Limitation option under the Dimension properties on the right, from No Limitation to Fixed Number.

I've tried wrapping the legends and can't get it to work myself, again down to the way that Sense is responsive and works things out itself.  I would get used to embracing the fact that Sense is responsive and let it display things how it likes.

Hope that helps.


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