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how to publish sheet "Not approved sheet" into approved?

Hi All,

Good day!, i'm facing problem with publish app into "base sheet" instead of "published by me" (refer to below screen shot 1& 2) and also this "published my me" app sheets shown as "not approved" idea idea why? and is there any way to resolve this issue. thanks in advance

my environment:

1) my ID have root admin access 2) currently using qliksense 3.0 SR1 3)  published my me app sheet shows in community instead of base sheet.

my requirement:

i wanted to move this "published by me" app sheets into " base sheets" any idea how to achieve it?

what i've tried so far:

1) tried to duplicated entire app and change the onwer/tried change application role policy but nothing working

(ps: right now we can't upgrade to higher version)



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Re: how to publish sheet "Not approved sheet" into approved?


currently you have a this tool that allows you to approve sheets

Qlik Branch

the good news is that starting from June 2018 version , you'll be able to do it with just right clicking on the sheet

so in two weeks or so you'll have a simple solution

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Re: how to publish sheet "Not approved sheet" into approved?

Hi Devarasu,


The status of the app object:

  • Not approved: The app object is not approved because it was added to a published app.
  • Approved: The app object is approved because it belonged to the app when the app was published.
PublishedThe status of the app object:
  • Not published: The app object is not published to a stream.
  • Published: The app object is published to a stream. There are two alternatives: The app object itself has been published from Qlik Sense, or the app that the app object belongs to, has been published.

As Liron mentioned, you can use that extension to approve sheets and you'll be able to do it on June 2018 version.

There is also another way to do that. Get the appid of your app and go to apps folder. Find the app file and copy it to another folder. Change its extension to qvf and import it to your sense enviroment over qmc. With doing that all "not approved" sheets go under the base sheets. You can publish that app and all sheets will be under base sheets.

Hope it helps.