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how to reduce app size?


how to reduce app size,example 1gb to 700 mb?

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Re: how to reduce app size?

For instance:

  1. load less data
  2. reduce data (from the file menu reduce data, keep possible values)
  3. do not load large jpg or other image files
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Re: how to reduce app size?

1. Remove the unwanted Fields

2.If it is possible apply the filter conditions

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Re: how to reduce app size?

Also try reducing the length of fields, converting text field types to numeric where possible or reducing the number of distinct values in a field.

A great example is wrapping your key fields with the autonumber() function. This will massively reduce the size of your app if you have large text string highly unique key fields.


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Re: how to reduce app size?

1.creating QVD is the best option and remove unnecessary field from application.

2.From document properties--General tab --set COMPRESSION as HIGH