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implament levenshtein in qlik sense


How can i implement levenshtein algorithm in qlik sense.?

I want to masesure the difference between two sequences.

for e.g

3a2003 and 3a20003

for this one character required to edit.

Thank you.

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Re: implament levenshtein in qlik sense


Check this link.


It may be helpful.


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: implament levenshtein in qlik sense

There is an undocumented function for this in Qlik Sense - LevenshteinDist - that was introduced in the June 2017 release. The only place you can find reference to it is in the API explorer: https://api-insights.qlik.com/. I've tested it and can validate it does work, even though it's not documented.

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