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last year count

Hi all,

I am trying to get the last year count using below expression.

Last year:

count({$<CanonicalDate = {">=$(=Yearstart(Max(CanonicalDate),-1)) <= $(=YearEnd(Max(CanonicalDate),-1))"},

DateType= {'invitation'}>} invitation_id)

Present Year:

count({$<CanonicalDate = {">=$(=Yearstart(Max(CanonicalDate)))  <= $(=Date(Max(CanonicalDate)))"},

DateType= {'invitation'}>} invitation_id) 

With last year expression i am getting the count till today.

Please check and help.



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Re: last year count

I don't see anything obviously wrong. Can you post a Qlik Sense app (.qvf) that demonstrates the problem?

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Re: last year count

please find qvf.

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Re: last year count

I used below expression,

count({$<Year={$(=YEAR(TODAY())-1)}, DateType= {'invitation'}>} invitation_id)

I am getting the last year count,  I need to get count from particular date to end of the year.

For example:

from july 22 of 2014 to end of the year 2014.

I am declaring variable and assigned the date but how to take till end of the last year