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limited number of measure into a combo chart

Hi ,


I was trying to create a combo graphe, with multiselection possibility as measure:

2019-09-11_16h38_27.pngfirst i select in a drop down, multiple measure ( wich are listed in a field called 'variable' wich are differente from the variable i define in qlik in the image below), i'd like up to ten. That string of multiple measures names are cut into multiple pieces with the variables i define below.


 And each variables are called from Master Measure that i defined right here


 And finally as u can see in the first picture, each master measure is added as measure in the combo chart.

And to be honnest it work pretty well, seing multiple variable you choose in a single graphe, that's cool. BUT because there is alwais a but... It's working till the seventh measure is selected, the master measure/ variable can't be wrong they are all ctrl+c ctrl+v

and when i try more than seven measure into a combo chart without getting all variable stuff coming in, there is no problems...

Can't guess why it can't go higher with variables, ( memory allocated ? or else ? )


any hint ?