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line chart with total

Hello there,

This is Colin, I am new to Qlik Sense and cannot find an answer to my question.

There are two things I would like to do:

Firstly, I would like a new Line added to the top of the Line Chart to show the total of the individual selected columns each month.

This amount is shown in the Pivot Table in bold under Totals.

When I use the following, it gives me multiple totals when I only need one total.

rangesum( above( count(SelectedColumn),0,rowno()))

Secondly, I would like to duplicate this Line Chart (with the total now added) and show the Selected Columns/Datapoints as percentages of the total in each month.

My Data is in this Structure:



02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand
02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand
02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand



I hope that this is sufficient and really look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks,


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Re: line chart with total

For first thing, try this

Add a new table in the script like this






and then change your second dimension to this

Pick(DIM, SelectedColumn, 'Total')

Rest everything should stay the same.

For second thing, may be you just need this as your expression

Sum(Measure)/Sum(TOTAL <Month> Measure)


Re: line chart with total

Hi Sunny,

Thank you very much for the response.

Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been trying to understand more about the solution.

Firstly, it worked!

Although I have no idea how it works.

Can you explain please?

I have looked up the following and am still in the dark:

LOAD INLINE statment question

Inline table

Pick Function in QlikView - YouTube

In respect of the result, it gave me a Dimension Line showing the total of the individual selected columns which is great.

However as Line Charts can only use Two Dimensions, I could not add this new Total Line to the chart with the individual lines.   Namely, I had two graphs instead of one.

The only way around this that I could find was here i.e. adding both graphs to the Storey and making one graph transparent. more here: Ability to overlay charts, text and images

Is there a way to add a third dimension to a Line Chart?

Thank you,


Re: line chart with total

Would you be able to share a sample to show what you have to help you further?


Re: line chart with total

Hi Sunny,

I have been able to solve this by changing the way the data is imported into qlik sense and will now close this query.

In the mean-time I will keep researching the Load Inline solution to see if I can understand it better.