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loading of multiple tables into qlik sense

I can able to bring sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 at the same time because they have same number of fields , but when i add sheet 1(which dont have recordtype) I could't able to because it always end up having error while loading ....

code I wrote in the script

For i = 1 to 4

Let vSheetName = pick( i,’Sheet1’,‘Sheet2',’Sheet3’,‘Sheet4’);

Let vFieldName = pick( i,’’ ,’skills’ ,’behaviour’,’class’);

Let vRecordType = pick( i,’marksonly’ ,’skills’ ,’behaviour’,’class’);            

CrossTable(test, markscored, 4)// marks1 and marks 2 under test & values in the marks unders markscored




    '$(vRecordType)' as recordtype,

    $(vFieldName) AS recordvalue,



from(………………………….((ooxml, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is $(vSheetName)))


let i=Null();        

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Re: loading of multiple tables into qlik sense

You'd have to load the 4th sheet outside the loop (without the missing field).

After loading it to a temp table, JOIN LOAD *, '' AS 'recordtype' RESIDNT temp;  DROP temp;

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Re: loading of multiple tables into qlik sense

Hi David,

thanks for the reply.

so I should load sheet 1 separately first as temp table.

then join that table with other three tables .

then drop the table temp right?