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map: count

Hi Community,

just an extra.

On the map I'm making service count

Formula is: count(Services)

I would like to also display the number of vehicles used and foolishly I thought I would add the need with a ,

New Formula is:

count(Services, Vehicles) or count(Services) , count (Vehicles)

but it doesn't work.

Do you have a suggestion?


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Re: map: count

In Qlik Sense map unfortunately you cannot. As it allows only single expression.

You can +,-,/ the expression or use Set analysis but it will not show you multiple values.

'<b> Service</b>= ' & Count(Service)& '<br>' &

'<b> Vehicles</b>= ' & Count(Vehicles)& '<br>'


'Service : ' & Count(Service)& chr(10)

& 'Vehicles: ' & Count(Vehicles)& chr(10)

Usually this will work but it doesn't in Map you've