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mashup API openApp/getObject clarification please


I'm using the mashup API to open an app and get an object, using the openApp and getObject API calls. 

I'm opening App 'A' with a single pie chart, with an identifier 'abcdef'.  I call getObject with this identifier and the object is retrieved.

If, after programmatically opening the app, another object is added in the Sense client (let's say it has an identifier of 'ghijklmn') it cannot then be opened by the 'getObject' call, even though it does exist.  If I start again in the mashup, both objects can be retrieved.

Am I right in saying that openApp takes a 'snapshot' of the app at that point?  If so, how can objects created 'post-openApp' actually be retrieved?  It may sounds like an unusual scenario, but it's something I need to do!

Any help in understanding the problem would be much appreciated.



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