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merge two spreadsheet to one

From Jay

I have two excel spreadsheets i.e. one is actual cost and other is the budget cost. Each spreasheet contains the data per employee. I want to display the budget and actual cost per employee.

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Re: merge two spreadsheet to one

Have you tried dragging both in sense desktop? if your Employee column name is same then it will automatically link these two spread sheets.

in front end you have to add Employee & two metrics in to a grid chart will give you the answer you are looking for.


Re: merge two spreadsheet to one

Hi Jay - as stated above. Drag the 2nd spreadsheet in and select 'add data' and it will load in both.

The trick is that there is a field with the same name in BOTH spreadsheets.

If there isn't a commonly named field but there is field that means the same thing (like employee ID vs employee number) you can rename it in your underlying spreadsheet (you will have to start over) so that the name is the same and start over.

or you can go into the load editor, and put in an alias using the 'as' word to rename the fields in qlikview only.

EmployeeID as [Employee number]