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month long names

Hello All;

I have month selection and I need to show the selected month in a long month name format. Like January, February ...

my month data is like: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, ..

date(month,'MMMM') show the long month name format but I need to show the selected months' long month names.

For to get the selected month I have tried:

'GetFieldSelections(month)' and than applied date function like below

'date(GetFieldSelections(month),'MMMM')' and it is not worked.

Do you have any suggestion for this issue.


Onur Y.

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Re: month long names

How about this

Concat(DISTINCT Date(SetDateYear(MonthStart(month), Year(Today()), 'MMMM'), ', ')

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Re: month long names

The Match function finds the index of Month in the MonthNames variable.  The SubField function uses the index to extract the field from the LongMonthNames.

=SubField(LongMonthNames,';',Match(Month, $(=chr(39) & Replace(MonthNames, ';', chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & chr(39))))

If you don't have a calendar table, I would strongly recommend creating one.  It really helps displaying different date formats.  See How to create a Calendar

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Re: month long names

Hi Onur,

May be it helps you , It  works for me:



Arvind Patil

Re: month long names

Does this work even when you have multiple selections?

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Re: month long names

=Concat(Date(Date#(GetFieldSelections(month),'MMM'),'MMMM'), ', ')

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