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moving from one machine to another


we got Qlik Sense installed on a server machine M1

We bought a new server machine M2 and we want to move everything related to QlikSense from M1 to M2

I know that Qlik Sense comes with the RSM (repository snapshot manager)

Can we use it to backup from M1 and restore on M2

Will everything run normally as was with M1 or are there some special steps to follow

Please advise

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Re: moving from one machine to another

This is what I could find in the Qlik Sense documentation: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/2.2/Subsystems/PlanningQlikSenseDeployments/Content/Server/Server-...

However, I think it would be wise to get on the phone with tech support to help guide you through this process because there is a lot that could go wrong, especially with your certificates, tokens, and active directory.

When I had to move my Qlik Sense Server I had to plan for a couple days of downtime. I also made sure to back up all of my applications separately before trying to move the software. At that time we had very few users and applications.