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Contributor III
Contributor III

need explanation about ticketing


I am new to Qlik Sense, after some years of QlikView.

I installed Qlik Sense Enterprise and I'm making a poc for integrating Qlik Sense Hub in a SaaS solution (for replacing QlikView current apps)

I'm not really confident about ticketing:

In QlikView, we put the userId and groups when requesting web ticket.

Here in Qlik Sense we put userId and userDirectory.

Here is my request for ticket with Qlik Sense Proxy Service API :



X-Qlik-Xrfkey: 0123456789ABCDEF

Content-Type: application/json







it's working well and give me the response :


    "UserDirectory": "WHATEVER2",

    "UserId": "whatever",

    "Attributes": [],

    "Ticket": "MvKXpB5M7JVm9SVK",

    "TargetUri": null


I use the ticket to connect with http://URL/hub/?qlikTicket=MvKXpB5M7JVm9SVK

and connect well :


Now my questions :

- Is this the right way to do authentication, for integration in a SaaS software ?

- why have I to put UserDirectory ? It seems it's not used at all

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Specialist II
Specialist II

I'm just writing so I can watch this thread.  What is your purpose for ticketing as opposed to the user visiting the site?  I'm not barking at you, I'm just interested in new ways to do things and I had never heard of the ticketing facet till you mentioned it.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I need ticketing (or other authentication method) because the hub is not accessed directly by users.

The users connect to a SaaS platform, which distribute Qlik Applications in a SSO way.