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need help on setup a task at qliksense QMC


I have created 2 tasks:

1. Fulll Load,

2. Incremetal Load and 3. Main app which refresh the data.

Now I setup a task chain like this:

1. Full Load - -> Will run only once

2. Incremental Load - > Will run after successfully executed Full load and will also run at regular interval 0f 15 minutes.

But I can saw that when I run full load , the incremental load is running automatically, but it does not run on it's own after 15 minutes interval. Please advise what to do to run the incremental jobs automatically.

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Re: need help on setup a task at qliksense QMC


we should see what you have on your tasks to be able to help..

would yo be able to make some screen shots and show us your tasks configurations ?