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needs extra modification


so I have a measure in a table and I am trying to connect it to another measure in the same table

so I have reached this statment but it still needs tiny modification which I can't figure out yet ...hoping someone here can help

Top(sum({$<[OnHand History Transaction.AsOfDate]= >}

            (([OnHand History Transaction.Cost]*[OnHand History Transaction.Total])

           + ([OnHand History Transaction.Core]*[OnHand History Transaction.Total]))))

the red part is the place that needs more modification because instead of ignoring the current selection of that dimension I want it to use the selection of a measure which is calculated as follows

max(if([OnHand History Transaction.AsOfDate]<=

           makedate([Historical Year.Year],[Historical Month.Month],[Historical Day.Day]),

           [OnHand History Transaction.AsOfDate]


so any suggestions how to do the merge

thanks in advance

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