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new to QlikSense and need the following help


New to QlikSense and need help to figure out the following requirements.

Attached is my loading scrip to load the data

1. incident count.


StartDate as Dimension


Current Week: Count({<StartDate={“=InWeek(SartDate, Today(), 0)”}>}EventCode)

Last Week: Count({<StartDate={“=InWeek(SartDate, Today(), -1)”}>}EventCode)

Average Week last rolling 52 weeks: not sure the formula

Last Year same week: Count({<Year={$(=vTodayYear-1)}, Week={$(=vTodayWeek)}>}EventCode)

but not able to achieve the following graph.

The x-axis simply display all available day in current week, last week, last year same week, etc.

It's not same as the following requirement


2. incident duration:

Dimension: DayName

4 measures: current week, last week, Average week last rolling 52 weeks(this one not working) and last year same week.

I produce this:


I am able to produce 4 bars per weekday for management time and verification in separate chart.

But the requirement need them to stack like the following. Any idea how to do this?


3. Incident Severity:


Severity level (that is major, medium, minor)

4 measures: current day, same day last week, avg 52 week same day, same day last year

I am able to create this


But the requirement needs the following. Qlik Sense didn't allow multiple dimensions, how do I use current day, same day last week, etc? This is the similar issue in Incident count


Appreciate any help and advice.



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