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null dates

i have a table

As_of_date,    Store,  Category,    Status, Income1, Income2, Income3

6/1/19,           A , Shoes,  A,100,50,150

6/1/19, B, Baby, A, 5,10,15

6/2/19,              A, Clothing, A, 100,-30,70

6/2/19,              B, Clothing, A, 100,-20,80

null, A, other,other,A,0,30,0


there are some entries do not have a date, because these are special entries that the Store will have to always carry, in this case, it is store A.

I am trying to build  a pivot table where we can show day by day, the sum of the income1, income2, income3.

However, the last entry (where the as_of_date is null and there are many other entries like this) can not be added as it does not belong to any dates. But I want to add the numbers to everyday, shown as

6/1/19  105, 90,195

6/2/19  200,-20,180


thanks for your help.

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H Vegar

if i expand the pivot table, for example, added the category, the category will not show the right number, how do you fix that, thanks!