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% of Goal

Hey Everyone,

On Qlik Sense I have 2 tables, Deposits and Goals. I need to take the sum of all the balances and divide them by the goal defined in the goal table. The goals are based on Region and Account Type. Below is how the table is to be set up: Columns.PNG

I then need a new column to the right that displays the percentage on how close the sum of the balances are to the goal. Is there a way to connect the tables in the load script? Or can it be done on the front end? I will attach sample data as well. Any help is appreciated!


Liam Grover

P.S. I cannot use If statements for what I am doing, because I am also including sparklines from VizLib and cannot have if statements in the table. So I believe it should be set analysis or something.

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Re: % of Goal

Do you know any ways? stalwar1

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Re: % of Goal

Try this (I used the column headers in your xls files)

Sum(TOTAL <GovAccType, [Branch Region]> [Current Balance])


Sum(TOTAL <GoalsGovAccType, [Goals Branch Region]> GOALS)

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Re: % of Goal


check attached app. I hope it will be helpfull for you