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product pic to a diagramm (sense)

hi com,

i have an idea and i want to know if someone already did this or if someones that its possible.


We have a diagramm with sales per product in year 2015.

And we have the top 5 products in bars. Now i want to little pictures of each product under the bar(chart).

so lets say product a is top1 then the picture of  product a is displayed under the first bar and so on. But these picturebox cant be static because the top 5 will change.

So i thought about maybe solving this with an extension or the widgeteditor.

Someone already did this or has some tipps or knows that this is possible.

Thx in advance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: product pic to a diagramm (sense)

The standard bar chart in Qlik Sense cannot do this. You'll have to find or code an extension that offers this functionality. Perhaps this extension is a good start: GitHub - danielpilla/sense-images-links-extension: A simple table modified with conditional logic to...

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Re: product pic to a diagramm (sense)

thx for this answer.  i noticed that this functionality was missing (no-standart)