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Contributor III
Contributor III

pull and display filtered visuals from qlik

In one of our systems, we record customer data. This is pulled into Qlik for the visualization aspect. Is it possible to pull/embed a URL of that customer's filtered visualization into our other system without filtering each customer to show that visual?

Can I go into that system and see the updated visual from Qlik on the screen/interface of another system without showing other customer data?

Thank you

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You can build a URL that uses the Single Integration API to show just the specific visualization.  The URL can contain selections which will allow you to narrow it to a specific customer.  Use the opt parameter to control what kind of interaction the user can have with the object.

There are a couple of tools that can help you build the URL

1. options/developer and then use "Embed Chart" from the right click menu.  

2.  Dev Hub Single Configurator