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Crystal went on to say, “I’ve seen a few of the guys at my school before but they aren’t as big as you are!” When I heard her say that, I was shocked because I didn’t think she was that type of girl but also I did have to think she did convince me to show her my **bleep** and it did seem like she had her eyes on me, so I shouldn’t be surprised by her response. As I was thinking over her response, I felt her hand wrap around the base of my **bleep** and slowly start to stroke it. I look down at her and say “I thought you only wanted to look at it?” She says “I didn’t think you would mind if I touch it, but Robert can I ask you something?” I go on to say, “Crystal I don’t see why not, you already have me in this position anyway so I don’t see how a simple question could make this any worse.” I realized that I may have spoken a little too soon when Crystal says, “Do you mind if I give you a blow job, I promise not to say anything to anyone if you let me . ”

I didn’t know what to say, I was already allowing this girl to basically have control over me, no matter what I was thinking I already knew she was going to get what she wanted. As she is still there stroking my **bleep** I look down at her and say, “I guess, you will get your way even if I say no anyways.” When I said that she just gave me that devilish smile and said, “I will make it worth it, I promise!”

Before I know it, she has the head of my **bleep** in her mouth sucking on the head well circling my head with her tongue. As she is doing this, I realize that this isn’t her first blow job, she has done this before! As I stood there enjoying this young gorgeous girl sucking my **bleep**, I just couldn’t believe the situation I got myself into but god how good it felt. I know that I couldn’t turn what happened back but all I know was that this girl had me where she wanted me.

At this moment I can feel her mouth open up wider, take more of me in her mouth and begin to start bobbing her head up and down the shaft of my **bleep**. I begin to start moaning and say, “Crystal, you’re such a naughty girl aren’t you?” Right then and there I hear, “Uh Huh.” muffled because of my **bleep** still being in her mouth as she is working up and down my shaft. As she continues to work my shaft more and more. I could feel her withdraw me from her mouth and start to take my nuts in her mouth and begin to suck on them as she still worked my shaft with her hand. I can feel her warm mouth and her tongue on my nuts, I couldn’t help but think that this girl is going to be the death of me if she can suck a **bleep** this well.

Crystal continued to suck and tongue my balls as she stroked my **bleep** as I could feel that tingling sensation in my nuts beginning to start. I know I wasn’t too far along but I wanted this blow job to last longer. She strokes my shaft more and more as she withdraws my nuts from her mouth and begins to lick my shaft. I could feel her salva on my nuts as I felt her tongue licking my shaft. She licked all the way up to the head of my **bleep** as a drop of precum begins to form and she take my shaft into her warm mouth and begins to face **bleep** my **bleep** faster and faster. Before I knew it she pulled her mouth from my **bleep** and told me, “Let me know when you're about to **bleep**!” I say, “Okay!”

As she take me back into her mouth she begins to face **bleep** me even faster, I could feel my nuts begin to tighten up and I know it was long before I was going to bust a nut. I place my hand on top of her head and I begin to work my **bleep** in and out of this young girl’s mouth. I could feel her saliva dripping from my nuts when I feel that familiar sensation come over me and I realize I’m about to **bleep**. I say, “I’m about ready to **bleep**, Crystal!” I thought she was going to withdraw me from her mouth but she just kept on bobbing her head up and down on my **bleep**. At that moment I felt that I was going to **bleep**, and I yelled, “I’M CUMMING!!!”, and I shot stream after stream of **bleep** down this girl's throat and she swallows each and every shot of my **bleep** I shot down her throat .

When I finished, she continued to suck on my **bleep** til she got every last drop of **bleep** from my **bleep**. As she finished getting every last drop, she withdrew me from her mouth and kissed the head of my **bleep**. She looks up to me and says, “You taste very delicious! I’m going to enjoy having you next door!” At the moment I know I was in some trouble but if this girl could suck me off as good as she did at her age, I wanted to know what else she was good at but also I knew the trouble I just got myself into.

As she stood up, she whipped her mouth and she said, “I better get going before my mom gets home.” At this point she starts walking to the garage door opener, I say, “Remember this is between you and I don’t want to get in tro-” She interrupts me and say “Yeah, I know but if I say anything I lose out on trying out more of your **bleep** and I don’t want to lost a chance at experiencing more of your **bleep**.” As I’m picking up my pants and buttoning them up, she opens the garage door and starts to leave when she turns around and says, “See you next time, Neighbor!” Before I could even say anything she was on her way down the driveway skipping her way home. As I watch her all I can think is, “There goes trouble but if trouble is that good, I can’t wait til next time!”





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HI @roririne  - you have posted in the Data Integration forums.    I recommended posting this question in the Data Analytics Forums under the Qlik Sense forum.  (Unfortunately I can't move this post for you).