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qlik sense: hit

Hi Community,

how to create a top 5 customers or products using a graph or a table?

I use QlikSense Desktop (free)

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Re: qlik sense: hit

Check this video :Qlik Sense - Using Dimension Limitations and the comments below as well.

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Re: qlik sense: hit

Hi Fabio

In Qlik Sense

In a graph , for exemple a bar Graph  Take the App beginners tutorial provide with Qlik

Open it and take the first sheet you may see a " Top Five customers" graph :

Then clic on Edit and look how this graph is buil :

It takes one dimension ( Customer) and one mesure Sum(Sales)

At this point the graph should show all the amount of sales for all the customer

To make the Top 5 or Top 10

In the controle panel in the dimension customer

Select Limitation

"En haut" ( Top) then enter 5 for a top 5 , 10 for a top 10 etc

Hope it will help you



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Re: qlik sense: hit