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question in Qlik sense

2 columns in table:

one column :unit no. (i.e 34243) and the second : corresponding distance data (i.e 1.1767).


To write for each distace range (0-1, 1.5-2) how many units there are in that range.

What query do i have to use in the expression editor?

thanks in advance!

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Re: question in Qlik sense



Measure: count(UnitNo)

I.e. you use a calculated dimension.

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Re: question in Qlik sense

can you help me with syntax of class? for example if i want  between the range 1-1.5 miles

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Re: question in Qlik sense

If you want each half mile, and the Distance field is in units of Miles, then

class(Distance, 0.5)

will work.


Re: question in Qlik sense


Try like this in script



If(distance > 1.5 AND distance <=2, '1.5-2',

     If(distance >0 AND distance <= 1, '0-1', 'Other')) AS Range

FROM DataSource;

Now in just use this

Dimension: Range

Expression: Count(UnitNo)

Hope this helps you.



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Re: question in Qlik sense

you gave me this solution and it worked:

class(Distance, 0.5)

Now instead of Distance data  I created calc dimension which called CalcDist, in Qlik sense

But if Now I change the name of the field in the command:

class(CalcDist, 0.5)

it says it is bad field name..

any advise??