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"Analytics services" and left hand menu?

I signed up to the free 30-day Qlik Cloud account. In the top left corner of my screen I have the Qlik logo and the phrase "Analytics Services" next to it. However, various training videos I am following on YouTube have the Qlik logo with the phrase "Sense Cloud" next to it. My left menu has Getting started, Home, Catalog which is different to theirs which has Personal, My Work, My Stream and so on. I've clicked everywhere but have been unable to determine why mine appears so different. Can anybody steer me in the right direction? 

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I think the videos are a bit outdated in that the UI of Qlik Cloud has changed and the videos don't reflect this yet.

If you click on Catalog you should see a Spaces drop down menu with contains a Personal space.  That's the only space that's available from the start. Any others you need to create first with the Add new button in the top right of the screen.

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Thanks so much for the feedback,

Incidentally the YouTube course I'm following was uploaded only 2 weeks ago (https://youtu.be/MeFhY5Qpr4k?t=708) so I thought the interface should be similar. The attached screenshot shows the differences between his interface/menu and mine. 

Thanks so much for the guidance.

Any further thoughts are equally welcomed...