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"Ranking" in Qlik Sense visualization

I would like to display how an individual ranks against a total group in Qlik Sense. Is there any sort of “ranking” from Qlik Branches or available from Qlik Extension. For example: ABC 43%      25/98  or 25 out of 98 or 25th percentile, etc..

Any suggestion from any user who has applied/used it before is much appreciated. Thank you

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Re: "Ranking" in Qlik Sense visualization

Have a look at  Ranking functions in charts ‒ Qlik Sense

This is Help entry to the Rank() function.

The Fractile - chart function ‒ Qlik Sense may also be of use.

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Re: "Ranking" in Qlik Sense visualization

Thanks Bill.

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Re: "Ranking" in Qlik Sense visualization

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