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relative links

I have finally discovered to a way to use hyperlinks between various sheets in a qlik sense application and it works, when I load the app to the cloud but when I access the app using my mobile or share the app with other people the links unfortunately do not work. Can someone please assist me an example of the relative link is shown below


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Re: relative links

Hi Ayabuya,

your URL has localhost as the host name, so this will try and point to the device that your accessing the URL from.

It might work fine on your local pc or server, but when someone clicks the link it should point back to your QS server, such as http YourQSServer etc etchttp://localhost:4848/single?appid=VAT%20analytics.qvf&sheet=38f03056-cdd3-4c84-89fa-8443a055a5f2&op...

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Re: relative links

Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply, I still have the desktop version installed and awaiting server approval from my manager.

Is it possible to have a server name on the Desktop version?

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