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Specialist II
Specialist II

restructure data from two columns

I have a table as follow and I want to change the structure so I can see how the data is connected. as you can see A is connected to B then B on the next line is connected C and then C on the next column is connected to D. I want to rebuild this lineage so it is a single row. any idea?

Column1         Column2

A                         B

B                         C

C                        D

x                         y

y                        z


Output will be as follow

Column1  Column2  Column3   Column4

A                    B                 C                   D

X                    Y                   Z

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Hi what you need is the hierarchy builder. In Qlik you can achieve this using the Hierarchy function.

Here is the link for more information.


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Specialist II
Specialist II

thank you for the help. having hard time to get the table to the structure I listed above. would appreciate if you can try it.