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screen resizer is not working

Hello All,

I am working on Qlik sense 3.0. My report is very long so I want to increase the height of my sheet.

I have added a screen resizer control on my sheet. When I am changing the row and column value and click the button, the number of rows and columns are getting change.

For screen resize when I am putting the value <=100 then it is working fine but I want to increase the height of screen so I am putting 200 there then my screen size is not getting change.

Am I doing anything wrong or is there any other alternative to achieve?

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: screen resizer is not working


It is working for me.

Also there is no guarantee that these extensions work as per our needs as these are free and we need to live with it.

I'm attaching the extension which is working for me. Just give a try to see if it works in your case.

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Re: screen resizer is not working

Thanks Satish.

What version of Qlik sense are you using. Because it is mentioned that this screen resizer doesn't work with Sense 3.0. https://github.com/mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Screen-Resizer/issues