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security rule with group section access


I would like to deny users from accessing the hub. So I tried this security rule in this article: https://support.qlik.com/articles/000028523

In the screenshot you can select a user.group. But when I try this with our Qlik sense version( april 2019 sp3) I don't have this option. If I type it in the rule it validates but the rule doesn't work.

We use section access with groups and that works fine but when I add above rule for a group it doesn't deny hub access. I tried it with one user to test and that works fine.

This is the rule that I use for my group: !((user.group like "*CLIENT-ALLE*"))
For my test user the rule is: !((user.userId like "*testhb*")) and that works

Is it possible to use a section access group? And how do I configure this correctly?

Thank you

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