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security rule


I try to create new security rule for granting permisson to create new task in QMC, but I would like le name of new task created by my user contains the name of app'stream.

I use operand "matches" and a value fixed in advanced conditions like below

resource.name matches "*.IT.*", so I can create a new taks with name "IT xxxx"

But I don't want to create one security rule per user' groupe, How can I create a generic security rule like:

resource.name matches "*.user.group.*"


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Re: security rule

Hi Xia,

Great question.  What you will want to do is create a new rule for that user you want to have able to perform the reload task.  Have a look at the AppAdminModify example on this page.


Keep in mind, you can provide access to the QMC Sections for the tasks and make it so that the user only sees the tasks they own.  So you could create the task and make them an owner and then when they go to the QMC they see their tasks.

Example of that is on the same page above but the section labeled AppAdminQMCSections.

Now, you need to create one more security rule to make your user owner of that reload task as:

Go to QMC, Custom Property , Create New => select Reload task and User  as resource type and assign a value i.e ReloadOwner then assign this custom property to User and Reload Task

Then Go to security rule and create a new Reload task security rule which says ((user.@ReloadTask=resource.@ReloadTask))

Now login to QMC, go to Tasks and you will find the same task what you want there for your user.

Please try once , lemme know where you stuck, Its is little complicated , Please let me know for further assistance

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Re: security rule

Hi Robit,

Thanks for your explanations which are very clear for me.

I can use custom propertise as you said.

But I would like that the task's name created by users have a prefix with the name of Stream, so it's easyer for me to manager theses users's reload task.

Before I created someting like "resource.name like "MyStream*")). But this rule is per steam. Now I would like to create generic Stream because we have more and more strean.

I don't know how can I do it?


Re: security rule

Hi Xia,

You can change match function to like function.


Hope it helps.