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select date range

Hi all,

I have data before 11-30-2014, but i need to select data after that date so i am using below expression.

It,s not working please help on it.

Let vEnovaMinDate = 11-30-2014   {initializing variable }

count({<DateType = {invitation}, CanonicalDate = {">=$(date(=vEnovaMinDate))<=$(=max(date(CanonicalDate)))"}>}invitation_id)

can anyone help where i am going wrong



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Re: select date range




          DateType = {'invitation'},

          CononicalDate = {">=$(=Date(Date#(Min(vEnovaMinDate)),'MM-DD-YYYY'))<=$(=Date(Date#(Max(vEnovaMinDate)),'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}



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Re: select date range

always format date inside the variable, don't use any function directly in set analysis. After that,

CononicalDate = {">=$(vEnovaMinDate) <=$(vEnovaMaxDate)"} should work.

Important: Don't forget the white space between two variables.

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Re: select date range

I am using like below it's wrong?

CanonicalDate = {">=$(=vEnovaMinDate) <=$(=date(today()))"}

because i need count till today from the start date.

But above is not working.

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Re: select date range

wrong:  $(=vEnovaMinDate)

right:  $(vEnovaMinDate)

vEnovaMinDate variable must start with equal sign.