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select dimension dynamically to compare charts


This is how my data looks like:


Idflag AttributeGenderRegionLevel
11greater than 2MEastAnalyst
20less than 2FSouthManager
30greater than 2FSouthAnalyst
40less than 2FNorthManager
51less than 2MWestConsultant
61greater than 2FEastConsultant
70less than 2MEastConsultant
80less than 2MWestManager
91greater than 2MNorthAnalyst
100greater than 2MNorthAnalyst

1: Have created a combo chart representing bar graph for  count of attributes and a line chart for attrition based on flag var.

2 :Created basic filter based on different dimension available in the data as when gender male  is selected user can see attrition and count of attributes for male category .

3: Now I want to create a drop down list of dimension in this case gender region and level such that if a user now selects level, he would see three dual axis charts each for analyst,consultant and manager  for male selected in step 2 to compare.

I have been successful till creating drop down list of dimensions,have tried alt view and cyclic dimension extension .

My question is how could I achieve step 3.


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Re: select dimension dynamically to compare charts

Instead of creating new, We would suggest u to share sample application for testing. So far what you have done and where we need to start..

Life is so rich, and we need to respect to the life !!!
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