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Hi everyone,

now I have sheet that compares between different data from different tables ... the problem is that each chart done doesn't see the selection made in the filter I have tried more than one way but it doesn't work

so the filters is made using :




the tables on the other hand has the following calculation in it :

(sum (interval ([TechTimeLog.TechStopTime] - [TechTimeLog.TechStartTime])))

note that in

MasterCalendarDate.type = 'TechTimeStart'..................... was created by me in the master Date table so that the dates in the master date table that were pulled from [TechTimeLog.TechStartTime]  will have 'TechStartTime  ' in front of them in a separate columns

So any suggestions

2 Replies
Valued Contributor II

Re: selection

Try to keep Date as Alias name when loading the data from both the tables

Honored Contributor

Re: selection

You need a common field in both tables so that Qlik will associate them.