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Hello All;

I have three columns, one of them is Excom(managers), other ones are employee  and employeeID.

I am wondering is there a dynamic solution for when someone selected from the excom, the output is related employes and also selected excom manager. I can manully add the excom members but I need dynamic solution.

Example: when "Ashfaq Shariff" selected from the excom column, the expected table result should be all related employes and also the selected excom manager. All excom managers have also ERP ID.

ERP IDemployee 
8223Soamanjato Donmez
8360Profulla Kumar Saha
8246Rajesh ChaEludovickma
8309Tarek Soamanjato
8268LalaEludovicina Haingotiana
8205Annabel Soamanjato Besaina
8218Geha Eludovic Rebenirina
8256Eludovic Bhide
8248Ashfaq Shariff

My datasets:

ERP IDemployee  Excom
8203Alessia PlaterotiA. Jackson
8003Alessia RajeshA. Jackson
8239Soamanjato SokmenA. Jackson
8255Prohan AktasA. Jackson
8224Carl-Johan MalmA. Jackson
8220Giuseppe AlessiaA. Jackson
8221Halit HaingotianaA. Jackson
8017Handan AshfaqA. Jackson
8230Kerim VibergA. Jackson
8294Mauritzio MansiA. Jackson
8245Rajaram PrabhuA. Jackson
8321Rajesh DokuzA. Jackson
8204Ayush KarnaniA. Jackson
8308Giorgio RotoloA. Jackson
8313Seda Carl-JohanA. Jackson
8225Serdar AshfaqA. Jackson
8223Soamanjato DonmezAshfaq Shariff
8360Profulla Kumar SahaAshfaq Shariff
8246Rajesh ChaEludovickmaAshfaq Shariff
8309Tarek SoamanjatoAshfaq Shariff
8268LalaEludovicina HaingotianaAshfaq Shariff
8205Annabel Soamanjato BesainaAshfaq Shariff
8218Geha Eludovic RebenirinaAshfaq Shariff
8256Eludovic BhideAshfaq Shariff

Please suggest me any solution if anyone of you gone through the same problem.



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Re: selection

GetFieldSelections(ERP ID)

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Re: selection

but I don't see 8248 in your data set, will it be part of the same data set, normally "hieracrchy" is used while loading data for such Parent/Child mappings -


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