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Contributor III
Contributor III

set analysis filter

hello i have 3 questions about set analysis.

1. can you use an alias in set analysis?

2. how to deal with space between words (can you use information management or doe you have to convert it to information.management)

3. Is this set analysis oke? i need to filter on Debiteur.administratienummer where it is 1.

Sum({$<"Debiteur.administratienummer" = {1}>} "Verkoop.bedrag.totaal")

thanks for your help

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Specialist II
Specialist II

1. alias becomes the field name????

2. enclose field names with spaces in [ ]

3. Yes that looks fine as long as its a numeric field otherwise = {'1'}

1) can you elaborate on this

2) put the words between single quotes or double quotes if it is a search string

3) looks good... only thing that you can add is the single quotes around the 1 (you don't need them, but better to have them)

Sum({$<"Debiteur.administratienummer" = {'1'}>} "Verkoop.bedrag.totaal")

Contributor III
Contributor III

thankyou all (sorry for the late reaction). It is working now

Master III
Master III

please close this thread by marking any helpful and a correct answer



I needed to do two expressions but not very familiar with the sintax...

Could you please help me not working.

=if(sum({$<Dia =  {'13/05/2018'} >} StockLoja) > sum({$<Dia =  {'16/04/2018'} >} StockBuffer),'1','0')

=if(sum({$<Dia =  {'13/05/2018'} >} StockLoja) > sum({$<Dia =  {'16/04/2018'} >} StockBuffer),

sum({$<Dia =  {'13/05/2018'} >} StockLoja)-sum({$<Dia =  {'16/04/2018'} >} StockBuffer,


Specialist II
Specialist II

If Dia = a date, I've found Qlik only works consistently when the criteria is a number.

     =if(sum({$<Dia =  {43233} >} StockLoja) > sum({$<Dia =  {43206} >} StockBuffer),'1','0')

Date values are dual (numeric and string) and *should* work if the default format for the date/timestamp matches your criteria, but in Set Expressions it seems to work best if you use numeric criteria.


Hi did not work.

=if(sum({$<Date = {43233} >} ESTOQUETOTAL) > sum({$<Date = {43233} >} BUFFER),'1','0')


Specialist II
Specialist II

In your first example it was 2 different dates, not the same.

Validate values by putting each part of formula in a straight to see if each piece evaluates as expected.

When not working, please provide complete sample data and expected outputs for further help