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set analysis help


I am creating a simple report in Qlik. I have created the QVD and pulling through the fields into the app.

I am trying to understand how to manipulate the report to show results based off some rules?

An example of some rules I am trying to implement are: 

Compare Bound date and inception date:
If Transaction date < Inception date then include in the report
If Transaction Type = “New Business” then include in the report extract if:
Policy effective date > reporting date 

If the Transaction Type = “Renewal” then include in the report extract if:
Policy Effective date > reporting date 


I have the Transaction Type dimension in the table, as well as effective date and the reporting date (reload date of the report). however I am trying to undestand how to implement those rules into the set anaylsis? Can someone please help to allow me to understand how to do this? I do have some measures, such as Sum (gwp) field. any help please would be greatly appreciated, 

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Can't you simplify like this?

Sum(If(([Transaction date] < [Inception date]) or ([Transaction Type] = 'New Business') or ([Policy effective date] > [reporting date]) or ([Transaction Type] = 'Renewal') or ([Policy Effective date] > [reporting date]), gwp))

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