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Contributor III

stdev question - webstats

Hi, I was not getting values from a Stdev function and then realized that I missed a line in my code, but I don't understand what this line does.  

Here's the data:



     Period, BounceRate
     1, 0.26
     2, 0.25
     3, 0.24

The following formula does not give me results unless I include the WebStats: line in the script.  Why is that?  What does that mean?

=Stdev(Total Aggr( Avg(BounceRate),Period))

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Re: stdev question - webstats

Hi Barry,

That sounds very odd indeed. The line you refer to is just the in-memory table name. You don't have to set it yourself. If you don't give your table a name, it'll just allocate a generic name of some kind to the table. The in-memory table name is of no relevance at all to any of your front-end calculations - you can see it if you go to the "Data model viewer" from the top left menu in your app, but that's about it. It should not influence your front-end standard deviation calculation. My suspicion is that maybe, just maybe you changed more than one thing in your script and that the WebStats: table name tag is a red herring (i.e. not actually the root cause of why your stdev function did not provide the right answer).

Just a guess...