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Contributor II
Contributor II

sum Distinct

Hi everyone,

I want to sum duplicate values ​​but my formula doesn't work; sum = 2.278.314,5, but i want 1.139.157,3

Consider that I have other [Standard Family]

Aggr(DISTINCT sum({<Stream={'Idata'},Corporation={'San'},Periodo={'MTH10'}>} Tot),Stream)

tabla sum.png


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Master II
Master II


try to apply one more modifier filter as data classification split by Standard family TOU & LAN type. you have choose eigther then it will show expected results. 

Aggr(distinct sum({<Stream={'Idata'},Corporation={'San'},Periodo={'MTH10'},[Standard Family]={'TOU'}>} Tot),Stream)

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks, for Standard Family its Ok 1.139.157,27, but when I clean filters, Sum is incorrect, because I have another Standard Families