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the best way of date comparison

Hi Folks, i got a question,

there are two date fields: confirmed date and scheduled date, they do look like:

confirmed date       scheduled date

03.10.2018                15.11.2018

01.12.2018                15.12.2018

03.12.2018                12.01.2019

my question is: how can i compare these dates,

confirmed date     scheduled date

03.12.2018                12.01.2019

one solution that i have found does look like:

(if(right(year(confirmed date),4) < right(year(scheduled date),4) , 1, 2 ) as flag  (here i compare two fields by using of function right() and year().

my question is, what if, if i should compare the date fields like:

confirmed date      scheduled date

03.10.2018                15. 11. 2018           (to compare between 2 Months)

01.12.2018                15.12.2018             (to compare within one Month)


Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this issue? Thanks a lot in advance



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Thanks a lot for your help and feedback