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the issue with installing mutinode

Environment is now installed sense cluster,.

-there are three machines, a central node,the hostname is iZa7xstd0xnbpfZ, two rim nodes, the name is qsnode2 and qsnode3.

-The IP mapping relationship of the host file has been added.

-we have successfully created nodes in the central node QMC, configure the load balancing, created the link connection.

-now the QMC access cental node and the hub is successful,the address is "http://iZa7xstd0xnbpfZ.com/hub"and "http://iZa7xstd0xnbpfZ.com/qmc".

When we visit the QMC of the rim node, the screen can't operate, and when you can access the hub ,it is internal server error.the address is "http://qsnode2.com/hub" and "http://iZa7xstd0xnbpfZ.com/qmc" ,also use the address"http://ip/hub". 

the question is whether the load balancing of the sense cluster has a virtual address, and if so, what is it? !

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Re: the issue with installing mutinode

You can only access QMC on the central node.

At RIN nodes only hub if you check proxie settings.

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