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unable to load an MS SQL table with Qlik Data Transfer

I have to load the tables of an MS Sql database in the spaces of a QS Enterprise SaaS, concerning your sales.
A strange thing happens to me.
I have two tables, one of the sales head and the other of the sales detail rows.
for a customer database it happens to me that I can't load the head table of 66000 rows while the detail table of 500000 rows is loaded!.
if I try to load another db with the same structure, the loading is successful.
I therefore deduce that there may be something anomalous in the data but I don't know what to finalize ...
can you suggest me something, please?
where and what should I analyze?
I look forward to your support.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @francofiorillo 

What is the error message you are getting when trying to load the head table ?
Did you try to load less rows of that table/progressively load the rows to see if it's not some specific rows that are causing the issue ?


>if I try to load another db with the same structure, the loading is successful.
Do you mean you have recreating the same table with the same structure and same data/amount of data in another database type and that is working ?
Is this the same structure with dummy data, or an exact replica of the real data in the head table ?

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