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url in tables


I have a field with a list of urls and I need to enable the users to open the url from the elements of that field. in qlikview that was possible if you put [field]&'<url>' but that doesn't work in Sense

Thanks in advance for your ideas

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Re: url in tables

Hi Meriem,

This functionality doesn't exist in Qlik Sense yet.  However someone may have already created an extension object that can do this.I recommend you take a look in Branch.



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Re: url in tables


I don't think this functionality for URL in QlikSense works at present.


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Re: url in tables

This is now possible with the standard table object in Qlik Sense. Just set the Representation property of the dimension column to URL. Below is a screen shot of the property drop down in the table properties and a sample table containing a calculated column displayed as a URL.

URL Option.png