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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

using show/hide container and variable button

Hello, I am using the show hide container mixed with a variable button to show and hide charts depending on my condition. 


I have 2 buttons - "CHARTS" and "TABLE". Depending on the selection of the button, users will see the visualization in the form of a chart or table. I'd like to incorporate the tabbed container with this whole process so that with a click of a button, the users will be 5 tabs all in table form, or 5 tabs all in chart form. I can get graphs to show for 1 of each but no more than that. Wondering if anyone have any luck incorporating the usage of the ext: variable + show/hide + tabbed containers. 



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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Iv created 4 visualizations and saved it to a master viz. 

I then created 2 containers using the saved master viz. Container 1 has 2 charts. Container 2 has 2 tables. Both containers were saved again as master viz. 

Now, the last step - which is to bring in another container, in order to house the 2 containers. The drop down list under my master viz, I do not see the previously saved 2 containers. I'm relooking at your qvf, and it also seems that your GROUP 1 and 2 does not show under the drop down list. 

I think I'm messing something up on the last step (bringing in the 2 containers as one full container). Let me know if this is true, I'm trying to make a connection between my app and your app (which btw is awesome info to have) on how you were able to bringing in the other containers and place it on top of the final container. I double checked to make sure it was a container and not the show/hide container, and seems to be the case just be comparing yours and mine icon. Thanks.

Creator III
Creator III

Here are my steps:

  1. Create the visualizations that will become the master items Chart 1, Table 1, Chart 2, Table 2, etc.
  2. One-by-one, drag the visualizations over to the "FIelds". "Dimensions", "Measures" left-nav and drop it there.  It will bring up a master vizualization naming window.  Name it Chart 1, Table 1, etc....
  3. Delete the viz from your active sheet.
  4. Drag the show hide on there.
  5. Select Table 1 as your main viz
  6. Select Chart 1 as your conditional viz
  7. Add the vFlip variable as the show criteria
  8. Drag the show/hide into the left nav like you did with the visualizations and name it something like Viz Set 1
  9. Remove the show hide from your active sheet
  10. Drag a container onto the sheet
  11. Select "Vis Set 1" to add to the container. 
  12. Repeat steps 4-10 and add your finalized show/hide object to the container.  Now you will have one tab with a show hide containing two viz in it (in this instance a table and a chart).  
Creator III
Creator III

is there a way to do this, (to show or hide a container object) with some other actions, like for example when a TAB is shown in another container? or when a certain chart is shown on screen?